Our Team

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About Us

Lobiko was founded in 2018 by Horcelie Sinda, with the initiative to support people living with HIV, educate and inform the Congolese community about health. Lobiko initially started by leading workshops and talks in the community, addressing the misunderstanding of health, sexual reproductive health.

As we began our campaigns, we extended our work within African communities, in the UK and Africa. Our campaigns focus on sexual reproductive health, global health and the Congolese economy.

We work with national programmes to contribute to countries’ health development, by providing services in schools, universities, hospitals and local communities.

We believe in order to end aids by 2030 in Africa, we must consider the political and economical state of Africa. Therefore, we work directly with African communities to work together to end the fight.

Our Mission  


We want to support young people in Africa about health, significantly HIV/AIDS to reach the Health and Wellbeing sustainable development goal.

We want to work with health professions and ministers of health in African countries to expand our programmes in schools, universities and hospitals.

Finally, the Congo is rich in natural minerals resources but remains one of the poorest countries in the world. We believe that our work can contribute to the advancement of the Congolese economy to reach sustainable economic growth.